Frequently asked questions

General questions

Border Estate(+) is available Monday through Friday, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM!

Rest assured, our availability extends beyond these office hours. Outside of these times, you can email us at We will respond as soon as possible on the next working day.

Please note that we are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

In case of emergencies outside office hours, such as severe leaks, power outages, or if you find yourself locked out, feel free to contact us via our emergency number: +31(0)438529910. We are here to assist you. However, please be aware that calling this number for non-urgent matters, such as routine maintenance, may incur additional charges.

A tenant is eligible for rent allowance if he or she meets certain conditions, including:

1. The rent amount is below a certain threshold.
2. The tenant has Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit.
3. The tenant is 18 years of age or older.
4. The tenant has independent living quarters.
5. The tenant's assets are not too high.

The exact conditions may vary depending on the tenant's personal situation, so it is advisable to consult the specific rules and guidelines of the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) or a relevant government agency.

In Maastricht, you can purchase the Maastricht-specific garbage bags at supermarkets, where they are available. These bags are recognizable by their red and white color. It is important to use these specific garbage bags for disposing of residual waste, as waste deposited in non-official bags may not be collected by the municipality.

Here are the primary methods for waste disposal in Maastricht:

  1. Separate waste collection: Waste is collected separately in Maastricht to promote recycling. You can utilize various containers for paper, glass, plastic packaging, and organic waste (vegetable, fruit, and garden waste).
  2. Residual waste container: For other household waste that cannot be recycled, such as non-biodegradable or contaminated waste, you can use the residual waste container. These containers are regularly emptied by the municipality.
  3. Recycling center: For disposing of larger quantities of waste or specific types of waste, such as electronics, bulky waste, or hazardous waste, you can visit the recycling center of the municipality of Maastricht. Here, you can safely and environmentally dispose of your waste.
  4. Waste calendar: You often receive a waste calendar from the municipality, indicating when each type of waste is collected. It is important to consult this calendar to stay informed about collection days and to know how to separate waste properly.

By utilizing these waste disposal methods, you contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment in Maastricht.

Here are the steps you need to follow to register yourself as a tenant with the Municipality of Maastricht:

1. Secure a rental property or residential address in Maastricht.
2. Schedule an appointment with the Municipality of Maastricht.
3. Bring along the necessary documents, such as your identification and rental contract.
4. Fill out a registration form at the municipality.
5. The municipality will register you in the Personal Records Database (BRP).
6. Receive proof of registration, such as an extract from the BRP.

Follow these steps carefully to complete your registration as a tenant with the Municipality of Maastricht.

"BSGW stands for Municipalities and Water Boards Tax Collaboration. It's an organization that collects taxes and levies on behalf of municipalities and water boards in the Netherlands. As a tenant or student, you may receive invoices from BSGW for local taxes such as property tax, sewage tax, and waste collection tax.

It's important to understand that as a resident of a property, you are responsible for paying these taxes, even if you're not the property owner. This is because you benefit from municipal services like waste collection and street maintenance, which are funded by these taxes.

BSGW sends invoices to the address where you reside, and it's your responsibility to ensure they are paid on time. Failure to pay these taxes can result in additional costs or legal consequences.

In summary, as a tenant or student, you are responsible for paying BSGW invoices because you benefit from the municipal services funded by these taxes."

Pets are often not allowed in rental properties for tenants due to various reasons:

  1. Damage: Pets can cause damage to the property, resulting in additional costs for both the tenant and the landlord.
  2. Hygiene: Pets can create hygiene issues, such as odor and allergens.
  3. Disruption: Pets can cause noise disturbances and conflicts among tenants.
  4. Legal and insurance reasons: Many lease agreements prohibit pets due to local laws and insurance policies.

Overall, the policy of not allowing pets helps maintain livability, maintenance, and harmony among tenants.

Border Estate (+) is known for its transparent approach: no hidden agency fees. However, we do require an advance payment of €225 for drafting the lease agreement. This amount will be deducted from the security deposit upon signing, so you won't incur any additional charges. Please note: if you decide not to sign the lease agreement after we've drafted it for you, the advance payment will not be refunded. By paying the €225, you already agree to proceed with the lease agreement.

Below, you'll find a clear overview of any additional costs:

Rental contract costs0,-
Final Cleaning (upon departure) - if not left cleanVaries per accommodation
Sub-rental contract (on demand)375,- inclusive 21% VAT
Breach of contract (on demand)see rental contract

    Rent increase refers to the periodic adjustment of a property's rental price. This typically occurs annually and is usually determined by the landlord, but must comply with legal regulations and guidelines.

    Rental payments may increase for various reasons, including:

    1. Inflation: Rent increases may be applied to offset rising living costs and inflation, allowing the landlord to cover property management and maintenance expenses.
    2. Maintenance and improvements: Sometimes, rent increases are used to cover the costs of necessary maintenance and improvements to the property, such as repairs, renovations, or upgrades to facilities.
    3. Market value: If the rental market shifts and the market value of comparable properties in the area rises, the landlord may choose to increase the rental price to keep pace with market rates.

    Paying rent increases is a tenant obligation as outlined in the lease agreement. It's important for tenants to be aware of any rent increases and to pay them on time to fulfill contractual obligations and avoid issues with the landlord. Failure to comply with rent increases can lead to legal disputes and potential eviction from the property.

    In summary, tenants are asked to pay rent increases to cover the costs of living, maintenance, and market value, as determined by the landlord and legal regulations."

    As a tenant, you can apply for a DigiD by following these steps:

    1. Go to the official website of DigiD:
    2. Click on 'Apply'.
    3. Fill in the personal details.
    4. Verify the identity, often by using an identity document.
    5. Receive an activation code by mail.
    6. Activate the DigiD on the website using the activation code.
    7. Now, the tenant can use the DigiD to log in to government websites and use online services.

    If there are any further questions, the tenant can always consult the DigiD website for more information and support.

    Before the rental period

    Of course, we're here to assist you! On our website, you'll find a wide range of available accommodations that could perfectly suit your needs. Feel free to reach out to us anytime via phone or email ( for more information about any specific property.

    If you don't see anything on the website that catches your eye right now, don't worry! Keep checking our website regularly, as we frequently update our listings with new options that may meet your criteria. You can also leave your search criteria on the website, and you'll automatically receive an email with listings that match your search.

    Click here to browse all our available accommodations: Offer

    If you're in search of a new home, you can easily request a viewing by emailing us at Once you've made your choice, you can book the desired accommodation directly through our website.

    Please note: Filling out and submitting your application on our website does not automatically grant you the right to the allocation of the property. The decision regarding property allocation lies with the landlord. The establishment of the lease agreement is therefore subject to the landlord's approval.

    If your application is approved, we'll use this information to draft a lease agreement. We want to emphasize that your documentation will only be used for this specific purpose and not for any other purposes.

    The key handover takes place on the 1st day of the lease agreement. If this is not a working day, the key handover will take place on the next working day. The keys should never be handed over by the former tenant to the new tenant without the involvement of Border Estate+.

    The appointment for the key handover must be scheduled two weeks in advance with Border Estate+ via

    We regularly organize viewings for our available accommodations. If you're interested in a property, you can request a viewing via or through our website. Viewings are available from Monday to Friday during office hours. Please note that our office is closed on weekends. Once we receive your request, we'll inform you about the scheduled viewing. If you're unable to attend the viewing in person, we offer the option to follow the viewing live on our Instagram account (@rentalsmaastricht) or you can request an alternative viewing.

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to check in earlier due to the start date specified in the signed contract. Additionally, the current tenant has the right to stay in the property until the end of the lease agreement.

    You don't necessarily have to register for a viewing, but it would be helpful if you let us know when you plan to come. That way, we can ensure that we're ready to welcome you. And best of all: a property viewing is completely free of charge!

    The inclusions in the rental price vary per property. Many of our landlords offer accommodations inclusive of gas, water, electricity, internet, and furniture. However, there are also properties that are unfurnished or where gas, water, and/or electricity are not included in the rental price. On our website, each property clearly indicates what is and is not included in the rental price. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask us!

    Occasionally, a property becomes highly sought-after, attracting multiple candidates interested in renting it. In such cases, we request all interested parties to submit the required documents through our website by clicking on 'book now'. Subsequently, all documents are shared with the property owner, who then selects the most suitable candidate for the accommodation. Border Estate (+) then contacts the chosen candidate to continue the rental process. Please note: one potential tenant is not necessarily better than another. However, it is essential to demonstrate that you can afford the rent.

      "Absolutely! Experience our viewings live on our Instagram account @rentalsmaastricht."

        During the rental period

        As a tenant, you'll receive login credentials for our Bloxs platform. Tenantsportal Bloxs. Through Bloxs, you can effortlessly submit problems or complaints. We'll promptly address your submission. Please note that notifications are forwarded to external companies, and our response time depends on their operations and schedules.

        If you haven't received login credentials yet, feel free to contact us at, and we'll gladly provide you with new login details.

        It's crucial to always report your complaint through the Bloxs system, as it logs all issues related to the property. This isn't possible via email. If you need to download a large file and can't do so through Bloxs, please submit the report anyway. You can send the file later via email or WeTransfer.

        Note: If you're a subtenant, you must submit this report to the main tenant for them to post it.

        Subletting a home is typically not permitted. However, for legitimate reasons such as work or internship abroad, exceptions can be made under specific conditions and in consultation with the landlord.

        These conditions stipulate that no alterations should be made for the landlord, meaning you remain responsible for paying the rent. We will draw up a sublease agreement transferring the financial obligations from the subtenant to you. This agreement can be arranged for a minimum period of 1 month to a maximum of 6 months. Additionally, you are responsible for finding a suitable subtenant who will undergo screening by us and the landlord.

        Please note that there is a cost associated with drafting a sublease agreement, amounting to €375 including 21% VAT.

        Important to note: Subletting implies that you will return to the property after completing your work or internship abroad. We are ready to discuss the possibilities with the landlord and ensure a smooth transition!

        Whether you have signed a fixed-term or indefinite contract, terminating it is subject to the terms of your agreement. Please consult your contract for specific instructions. Then, if you wish to terminate your contract, please contact us at at least two months in advance.

        If you are renting on a short-stay basis, where the duration is already set, your departure date is predetermined. However, you must still inform our office at least two months in advance of your departure.

        For indefinite-term leases, which typically run for a minimum of 12 or 24 months, the contract automatically renews monthly thereafter. To terminate the contract, you must also notify us via Border Estate+ at least two months in advance.

        Discover how Border Estate+ helps you maintain control over your stay!

        If you are considering terminating your contract earlier than originally agreed, there are certain conditions that we would like to share with you:

        1. A new tenant needs to be found.
        2. The new tenant must sign a new lease agreement.
        3. A commission of 1 month's rent plus 21% VAT is payable to the real estate agent.

        Before proceeding with these steps, it is essential to obtain approval from the property owner. We will request this approval on your behalf.

        Once these requirements are met and you have received a final confirmation from us, your contract will be terminated. Afterward, you only need to schedule a final inspection/check-out.

        Discover how we can assist you in smoothly transitioning to your new destination!

        In the realm of rental properties, check-in and check-out procedures are vital for documenting the condition of a property before and after the tenancy period. These processes ensure transparency, safeguard the interests of both tenants and landlords, clarify responsibilities in case of damage, aid in maintenance planning, and serve as the foundation for deposit refunds.

        Have you lost your keys or locked yourself out? Don't worry, Border Estate+ is here to assist you with our convenient key service, albeit with associated costs.

        Here's how it works:

        1. If you find yourself locked out, please notify us via Bloxs (and also contact us at +31438529910), even outside office hours, indicating your need for our key service.
        2. Before dispatching a staff member, you'll receive an invoice from us detailing the applicable costs, as listed in the table below.
        3. For your safety, we kindly request identification before proceeding with lock opening or replacement.

          Locked out (during office hours)

          €75, - including. 21% VAT

          Locked out (after office hours)

          €105, - including 21% VAT

          Lost key(s) (certified) €115,- including 21% VAT 
          Lost key(s) (non-certified) €75,- including 21% VAT

          If it turns out that you lock is broken or blocked, please contact us so we can engage the appropriate supplier for repair.

          Please note: While we always strive to be helpful, there may be instances where calling a locksmith becomes necessary. In such cases, any associated costs are the responsibility of the tenant and may exceed our service fees. Additionally, please be aware that our services are not available on public holidays.

          After the rental period

          For a smooth refund of your security deposit, it's crucial that the property is left in the same condition as it was received. To ensure this, we schedule both a check-in and a check-out. During these inspections, a detailed report is generated, including photos and notes regarding the condition of the property.

          If the comparison of these documents reveals that you've left the property in good order, you'll receive the full deposit back. However, to receive the full deposit, there should be no outstanding rent, bills, or other costs. If changes are identified that deviate from the initial condition, a portion of the deposit may be withheld. The amount varies depending on the specific circumstances.

          While officially up to three months is allowed for the refund of the deposit, we aim to complete this process as quickly as possible.

          During the final inspection of your residence, it's possible that we may observe some damage. It's important to understand how we handle these situations, depending on the cause.

          If the damage is due to your own actions, the costs for repairing it will be deducted from the security deposit. This includes any cleaning expenses required to restore the property to its original condition.

          We want to emphasize the crucial importance of leaving the property in good condition to receive your full security deposit back. If you have any questions regarding any damage or associated costs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

          If you need a tenant statement to confirm your residential history, we've got you covered. A tenant statement is an official document where your landlord confirms your residence at a specific address during a certain period, along with the rental terms. For a tenant statement from Border Estate, simply send an email to to submit your request. We're here to assist you every step of the way!