Frequently asked questions

General questions

Border Estate(+) is open from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm!

However, this does not mean that Border Estate(+) cannot be reached outside these times.
You can always contact us by email via, and we will help you as soon as possible.

During holidays we are closed.

    It is up to the tenant to find out whether rent allowance is possible for the accommodation in question. Whether you are eligible for a rent allowance always depends on your personal situation. There are a number of requirements in order to receive a rent allowance:

    • Your income may not be too high;
    • Your assets may not be too high; 
    • You rent a self-contained accommodation; 
    • Are you 23 years or older? Then the basic rent may not exceed €752,33; 
    • Are you younger than 23 years of age? Then the basic rent may not exceed €442,46; 
    • Are you younger than 23 and do you have a child living with you? Then the basic rent may not be higher than €752,33.
    • Tenants of self-contained housing may be eligible for rent subsidy. Self-contained housing is housing with its own entrance door, which must in any case have its own living (sleeping) room, kitchen and toilet. An example is an apartment or a terraced house. Do you rent a room in a (student) house? Then you are not eligible for rent subsidy.

    You can always visit the website of the Tax Authorities for more information:

    Sorting your garbage helps it to be recycled properly, so that it can have the least harmful impact on the environment. It is also much cheaper to recycle! The municipality of Maastricht tries to help you to create as little ‘trash’ as possible. For a quick and easy run-down of the different options for garbage disposal, check the following video (waste free)!

    After you’ve separated your PBD, glass, paper/cardboard and organic waste, most other non-recyclable waste items can go in the red and white bin bags, which you can buy at the service counter at super markets (where you get cigarettes). Exceptions to the items that can go in the red bags are batteries, lightbulbs and electronic devices, among others. For electronic devices, there are drop-off points at supermarkets, or within the stores where the electronics were bought in the first place. Check the Milieu App to make sure that what you’re getting rid of in the red and white bags actually belongs there! Still, after all that recycling, there shouldn’t be too much left to put in these bags. This is good news, because they are the worst for the environment, and also the most expensive for you. Ideally, you would use them for non recyclable waste like full vacuum cleaner bags, chewing gum, cigarette butts, ash, sanitary napkins and weird combined-material packaging.

    For low-rise buildings (houses), the municipality collects bags once every two weeks. For high-rise buildings (flats, apartments) they collect the bags once a week. You can check the Milieu App or the waste calendar (in Dutch) to find out which day this is for your address. You can leave your red and white bag(s) out on the sidewalk between 19:00h on the evening before the collection day, or before 06:00h in the morning on the collection day.

    There is only one exception to this rule: if the waste calendar/Milieu App indicates that Tuesday is the pick-up day for your garbage, then you should put the waste on the street on Tuesday evening between 17:00h and 18:00h.

    Please stick to the date and time on which you should be putting your trash out, as leaving it out any earlier will mean the bags are left on the street for longer than they should be. This looks and smells bad, and also attracts vermin. For more information on this topic, check out the municipality website.

    Lastly, it’s not unheard of that people receive large fines for throwing out recyclable items in the red and white bags, instead of taking them to the recycling stations. The people who collect the trash can look inside the red bags to make sure there are no recyclable materials inside; if they do find any, they can locate the culpable person and fine them. It might seem like a lot of work, but recycling is worth the effort, and once you create a routine around it, it becomes really easy and straightforward!

    You can register with the municipality via the website of the municipality of Maastricht. Are you a student at Maastricht University or Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and are you coming from abroad to live in Maastricht? Then register with the municipality to get a “Burgerservicenummer”. Further information can be found on the following website:

    "Belastingsamenwerking Gemeenten en Waterschappen” is an independent partnership for levying and collecting municipal and water board taxes and for the implementation of the law 'WOZ' (Real Estate Valuation).
    On the following website you can find more information about BsGW:

    Waiver of taxes (municipalities and water boards)
    If you have a low or no income (e.g. students), you may be eligible for a remission of municipal taxes. You may then not have to pay the tax. You can apply for this at the BsGW (Belastingsamenwerking Gemeenten en Waterschappen). The BsGW takes into account your income, expenses and possessions.

    A request for waiver can only be submitted with the appropriate form. You can request this form via your personal page on the above website (this is only possible after you have received the assessment, as you will need the details from the assessment). Fill in the form completely and enclose the required supporting documents and specifications. Without these documents, the application will not be processed. The application for remission must be made within 3 months! After that, any possibility of applying for remission will cease to exist. If a demand has already been made, you will no longer be eligible for relief in any case.
    Please note that you will need a DigiD code for the entire process. You can apply for a DigiD code at With the DigiD code, you can access all government agencies. To apply for a DigiD code, you need a BSN number or citizen service number and, of course, a residential address in the Netherlands.
    You can also request an application form for remission via: / telephone 088-8420 420 (Mon-Fri 09:00-5:00 pm) / PO Box 1271 6040 KG Roermond / visiting address: Kerkeveldlaan 2, Roermond.

    Unfortunately, most property owners do not allow pets to be brought into the accommodation. If you have a pet, you can always contact us to ask about the possibilities.

    Border Estate(+) does not charge an agency fee. However, we require an advance payment of €175, - to draw up a contract. If you sign the contract, this amount will be deducted from the deposit and there will be no extra costs.
    Has Border Estate(+) drawn up a contract for you, but you don't sign the contract? Then you will not receive the amount back. The table below shows further costs:




    0, -


    0, -

    Contract costs

    0, -


    0, -

    End cleaning (final payment) – only if it is not clean

    Varies per accommodation

    Subrental contract (on demand)

    175, - inclusive 21% VAT

    Breach of contract (on demand)

    70% on one month rent excluding 21% VAT

      The rent is increased annually within the applicable legal regulations.

      You will be informed of this rent increase 2 months in advance by e-mail.

      Before the rental period

      Of course, we can help you! On our website you will find our full range of available accommodations. You can always contact us by phone or e-mail ( for more information about an accommodation.
      Is there nothing on the website that appeals to you? No worries! Keep an eye on our website regularly, because our offer is regularly updated.
      The following link takes you directly to all available accommodations:

      If you are interested in renting, you can request a viewing by email at Are you sure you want to rent the accommodation? Send us your documents so we can make a contract for you.Then you can book the related accommodation via our website.

      If you are approved as a candidate, this information will be used to draw up a rental agreement. Your documents will not be used for other purposes!

      The key transfer will take place on the 1st day of the rental agreement, if this is not a working day then the key transfer will take place on the next working day. The keys may never be handed over by the former tenant to the new tenant without the intervention of Border Estate+.

      The appointment for key transfer should be scheduled 2 weeks in advance with Border Estate+ via

      Yes, you can! We regularly schedule viewings for available accommodations. Are you interested in an accommodation? Then request a viewing via or via the website. Border Estate(+) will let you know when the next viewing is scheduled. Are you unable to be present at the viewing? Then you can follow the viewing live via Instagram (@rentalsmaastrichtforrent) or you can request another viewing.

      Unfortunately this is not possible. This is because the current tenant will stay in this accommodation until the end of the month in accordance with the rental agreement.

      It is not mandatory to register for a viewing. However, it is nice for us if you let us know when you will be present at a viewing. We can then take into account that you will come to the viewing. The viewing of a property is of course free of charge!

      What is included in the rental price differs per property. A large part of our property owners chooses to rent the accommodation including gas, water, electricity, internet and furniture. 
      There are also accommodations that are rented out unfurnished or where gas, water and/or electricity are not included in the rental price. On our website it is indicated per accommodation what is included in the rental price and what is not. Do you have any questions about this? Just reassure us!

      It sometimes happens that an accommodation is very popular, and several candidates want to rent the accommodation. In that case we ask all interested parties to send us the necessary documents. Then all documents are shared with the property owner, after which the property owner chooses which candidate is most suitable for the accommodation. Border Estate(+) contacts the chosen candidate and continues the rental process.

        Yes, we do! You can follow our viewings live via our Instagram account @rentalsmaastrichtforrent.

          During the rental period

          As a tenant you will receive login details for Bloxs. Through the following link you can log in to Bloxs: https://borderestate.bloxs-vas...
          Via Bloxs you can easily submit your problem or complaint. We will deal with your complaint as soon as possible.

          Did you not receive your login details? Then you can reach us via, we will send you new login details.

          It is necessary that you pass on the complaint via the Bloxs system at all times. This is because the system remembers all complaints about the building. This is not possible through email. If you need to download a larger file and this is not possible via the Bloxs, then please place the report. You can then send the added file afterwards via email or Wetransfer.

          Subletting is in principle not allowed. For a legitimate reason such as a work/school placement, an exchange or moving to another country, an exception to this rule can be made under certain conditions and in consultation with the landlord. These conditions imply that nothing may change for the landlord, so you will always remain responsible for paying the rent to the landlord. A subtenancy agreement will be drawn up in which the payment obligation from subtenant to tenant will be recorded. A subtenancy agreement can be drawn up for a minimum period of 1 month up to a maximum period of 6 months. The tenant needs to provide a suitable and appropriate subtenant which will be screened by us and the landlord.

          Drawing up a subtenancy agreement involves costs, which amount to €225,- including 21% VAT.

          You have entered into a contract for a fixed term or indefinite term. If you wish to terminate your contract, you can only do so when your contract allows you to do so.
          If you rent short-stay, i.e. for a fixed period of time, your end date has already been set. You will still have to notify our office at least two months in advance that you will be leaving your accommodation.
          If you rent your accommodation for an indefinite period, i.e. for at least 12 months, this contract will automatically continue on a monthly basis thereafter. If you wish to terminate the contract, you must also terminate the contract here at least two months in advance via Border Estate+.

          If you want to terminate your contract earlier than contractually agreed, it is only possible according to the following conditions: A new tenant needs to be found, as well as the signing of a new rental contract by this new tenant and a fine of 70% commission on a monthly rent excluding 21% VAT must be paid to the estate agent. If these points have been completed and you have received a final e-mail from us, your contract will be terminated. The only thing you have to do after that is schedule a final inspection/check-out.

            Yes, that's right! We work with a pre- and final inspection. We call this a check-in and a check-out. During this check-in and check-out, we make a full report with photos and notes about the current state of a property. You will also receive these reports by e-mail.

            It may happen that you lose your keys or that you lock yourself out. In such a case Border Estate+ can help you open your lock. This does involve costs. Below you will find more information.

            How does it work? (certified key)

            1. You have locked yourself out. In that case you can report it via Bloxs (also outside office hours). Indicate that you wish to make use of the key service.
            2. You will receive an invoice from Border Estate+ in advance. The costs are €55 during office hours and €75 outside office hours. Have you lost your keys and does the lock cylinder need to be replaced? This will cost €105. 
            3. Border Estate+ will send an employee. For your safety we ask you to identify yourself before locks are broken or replaced.

            Locked out (within working hours)

            €75, - including. 21% VAT

            Locked out (out of working hours)

            €105, - including 21% VAT

            Lost key(s)€155,- including 21% VAT 

            How does it work? (not certified key)

            1. You have locked yourself out. In that case you can report it via Bloxs (also outside office hours). Indicate that you wish to make use of the key service.
            2. You will receive an invoice from Border Estate+ in advance. The costs are €35 during office hours and €45 outside office hours. Have you lost your keys and does the lock cylinder need to be replaced? This will cost €75.
            3. Border Estate+ will send an employee. For your safety we ask you to identify yourself before locks are broken or replaced.

            Locked out (within working hours)

            €35, - including. 21% VAT

            Locked out (out of working hours)

            €45, - including 21% VAT

            Lost key(s)€75,- including 21% VAT

            Please note that we are not always prepared to come and help. In that case you need to contact a locksmith. However, the costs of a locksmith are higher! No services will be provided during public holidays!

            After the rental period

            In order to receive the deposit back, it is important that the accommodation is delivered in the same condition as it was received. To check this, a check-in and a check-out are scheduled. In both cases a report will be made with pictures and notes about the state of the accommodation.
            When a comparison of the two documents shows that you have left the accommodation in a good condition, you will receive the deposit back. However, if it turns out that the accommodation has not been left as you received it, part of your deposit will be withheld. How much deposit is withheld differs per situation! 
            Returning the deposit may officially take three months, but we try to finish this as soon as possible.

            If damage is occured during the final inspection, it is important to consider the consequences per event. If the damage is caused by your own actions, the cost of this damage will be deducted from the deposit. Any cleaning costs may also be deducted from the deposit.

            We provide a tenant statement only on request. If your new landlord requires a statement, we will be glad to assist you. Please email us about this at