About us

Border Estate(+) is a real estate agent based in the vibrant city of Maastricht. Border Estate+ was founded in 2017 as an addition to the existing company Border Estate.

You must be wondering: what is the difference between Border Estate and Border Estate+? We'll be happy to explain it to you! While Border Estate mainly focuses on real estate investments, Border Estate+ mainly focuses on the rental and management of accommodations.

In practice, Border Estate+ is the daily point of contact for (re)tenants and we periodically check properties, so the owner of an investment property doesn't have to worry about the property. Are you looking for an investment property? Then Border Estate will be happy to help you!

Together, Border Estate and Border Estate+ try to offer the best service at all times. We think it's important that our clients are helped as quickly and effectively as possible and are satisfied with our service.

Border Estate's focus on real estate investments in Maastricht and Border Estate+'s focus on renting and managing accommodations in Maastricht ensures experience, expertise and efficiency.