Procedure landlord

On the housing market in Maastricht there is a great demand for good rental homes and rental properties. Do you have a property that you can rent to individuals or companies, then that is an interesting option. It is important that everything is properly arranged. We do this for you: we find the right tenant and arrange important matters.

Letting a house or property well

Renting out a house or property is more than agreeing the rent and handing over the key. If you do not arrange this properly, it can cost a lot of time, hassle and money. That is why we arrange it for you. A number of points such as the maintenance of the rental property, the rental price, payment terms, rental period and cancellations will be determined in advance. Completely in accordance with tenancy law and with attention for your own interests.

Access to tenants

As a real estate agent in Maastricht, Border Estate+ also knows many people who want to live here. Tenants who are temporarily looking for a rental home, who do not want to commit to the long-term financial obligations of a house for sale or who are coming to Maastricht as a student/expat, we help them to rent here. We promote the rental properties on Social Media, Pararius and approach the rental mediators. So landlords who hire us have direct access to this interesting target group.

Investment object

If you have bought an investment object to let, we will be happy to help you with that. Real estate as an investment object is of undiminished interest if you record it correctly. From the search for suitable tenants to recording the agreements in accordance with tenancy law, we ensure that your investment object is worth the investment. Even if you are still looking for a suitable property to let at a later date, we will of course be happy to help you with the purchase and/or sale of the property. You can always call on Border Estate(+) for the (purchase) and letting of houses as well as commercial real estate.

Renting out? Make an appointment!

Would you like to know what your possibilities are as a landlord in Maastricht? Then make an appointment with the real estate agents of Maastricht "Border Estate+".

After a no-obligation consultation at our office, we will follow the steps below until you are able to welcome a satisfied tenant into your home.